Level Sealer

  • A new generation of post-catalyzed amino alkyd finishing system that offers the ultimate in durability
  • HAPs free, high solids, water white formula specifically designed for interior wood surfaces that are exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals
  • Designed so you can build the dry mils past the normal 5 mils maximum recommendation; can be sprayed from 4-10 wet mils on a vertical surface
  • Can be built with multiple thin coats to get 10-12 dry mils by allowing each coat to dry thoroughly
  • Good sag resistance
  • For catalyst, use C1491 Care Catalyst - stir well before spraying
  • Level Sealer has a thixotropic viscosity and does not need to be reduced; viscosity will reduce with shear from spraying. If reduction is necessary, use Standard Lacquer Thinner C16036 or Care Reducer C1621. NOTE:  Reducing Level Sealer will reduce the sag resistance of the product and its ability to build