• Best Color Consistency
  • Face Color: Sapwood “White”
  • Back Color: Sapwood “White”
  • Face Defect: Infrequent (Sound Knots And Streaks)
  • Back Defect: Slight (Sound Knots And Streaks)
  • Rotary Cut
  • WPF, VC, RC
  • Paint/Stain Grade
  • 48.5" x 96.5"


Pricing breaks are at the following quantities: 1-9 sheets, 10-14 sheets, 15-29 sheets, 30-59 sheets and 60+ sheets

SkuThicknessPrefinishedAvailable QtyQtyAction
14MAPPROSEL1/4"N/A (Raw)
Call for Price
14MAPPROSELUV11/4"1 Side
Call for Price
14MAPPROSELUV21/4"2 Sides
Call for Price